Friday, November 20, 2009

Dinner for two, what say you?

Whenever my parents are out of town, the duty of making dinner falls heavily on my shoulders. Being a picky eater, my sister is hard to satisfy. I have to find recipes for food that the both of us like, which is actually quite hard. I remember making shepherd's pie once and the plates were clean. So this time, surprisingly, my sister requested for Aglio Olio. I immediately went online to search for recipes. Since it was my first attempt at cooking this dish, I can't say it turned out well. The spaghetti wasn't very successful as it ended up tasting a whole lot like peppery noodles :/

I can't remember the exact measurements of the ingredients used but I do remember what I added in!

Spaghetti Aglio Olio
makes 2 servings

white pepper
coarse black pepper

olive oil

dry chilli flakes

1 red chilli padi

2 cloves of garlic
spaghetti noodles

These are the basic ingredients for the Aglio Olio spaghetti but please do not trust it. The noodles look nice and are edible (yes they are!) but the taste could be improved a whole whole lot.

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