Friday, November 20, 2009

Hey Doraemon, have a Dorayaki!

I've never been a fan of the Japanese blue and white cartoon character that Doraemon is. But I do have to credit him for having good taste!

Recently, my mom's colleague gave her a box of Japanese red bean pancakes - Dorayaki. I've seen them around before but never tried them until that one fateful day. It was just last week after one of my papers when I reached home in the early afternoon. Being greedy, I decided to indulge in an after-school snack, just to reward myself for completing that paper. I happened to see the box of opened Dorayaki lying on the table (they were opened because my mom brought some to office for her colleague). Ooh they looked super inviting. The plastic wrapper wasn't any ordinary plastic, it was of the highest quality! That aside, I tore it open and the delectable aroma of the pancake wafted into the air. Amazing! It was that good I tell you. Maybe it's the brand, I don't know. So anyway, I took a bite of the soft goodness and to my surprise, the red bean wasn't overly sweet and cloying like normal Japanese red bean products. Think mochi and other Japanese sweets. I fell in love with it. Enough said.

Went online and found out that the scrumptious pancake was the favourite snack of Doraemon! Hmm so that explains the similarity in name I suppose. Well, that was the only link I could draw as sadly, I'm not Japanese (Japanese cuisine is awesome fyi!).

I will search and try out the recipe for Dorayaki after my A's. For now, these photos are taken of the brand I ate. Do check it out if you're ever in Japan! They receive a two thumbs up from me :D

Bite me!
Cheryl :D

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