Saturday, November 21, 2009

I like it raw

There are pros and cons when my mom travels on business trips.
Cons: I'll miss her. The house will feel weird and empty without her (although she's barely at home due to hectic work schedule even if she's in Singapore).
Pros: She'll bring back loads of goodies - food and souvenirs!

Recently she went to Japan and we requested for her to buy back Royce chocolates; both the nama chocolate and the nutty bar chocolate. They are 'boomz'!! ;D We ate a box of Au Lait nama chocolate yesterday night just for the fun of it. Okay I know my family doesn't have a very healthy eating lifestyle, but who am I to complain? I'm loving every second of it.

The first time we tried the nama chocolate was when my mom got it as a gift from her Japanese colleague (yes, the Japanese are very generous!). The way the powdered, smooth raw chocolate melts in your mouth is simply to die for! From then on, we would make it a monthly affair to go to the Royce shop at Suntec City Mall to buy these gorgeous chocolates. It was only when we were coming back from a family holiday at Japan when we saw these exact same chocolates at the Narita Airport going for much less! Okay so it was decided. Since my mom has to go to Japan often for business trips, we would get our supply of Royce directly from Japan :D The exact same quality for much less. Enough said.

As for the nutty bar chocolate, it's discovery was much less subtle. Mom bought it back from Japan just to let us try since we have always been eating the same nama chocolates. Voila! It became our new staple. The milk chocolate encased bar with it's crunchy nuts and crispy almond puff was simply too irresistable! Royce was also recently advertised in the Lifestyle section of the Sunday Times a few weeks back as it's new outlet opened at Ion Orchard Singapore. I haven't made a trip there to take a look yet, but I'm sure I wouldn't buy anything from there. After all, given the Asian culture of thriftiness (my econs paper was yesterday hahah), why would I buy something more expensive when I know there is a cheaper perfect substitute for it in Japan? You know, being the exact same product and all. Hmm, maybe I should visit the Royce chocolate factory in Japan one day...

My verdict: Awesome and highly recommended.

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