Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nearly there

Ahh I'm exactly 2/3 done with A'levels!! :D

After that, it's time to bake. Seriously I haven't baked in the longest time! Close to 2 months I think. It's actually a miracle that I managed to survive hahah.

Right I know I'm supposed to be studying right now but I couldn't resist blogging about this amusing article I came across recently in The Sunday Times Nov 15 09. If you have the original copy, look it up! Because seeing is believing (: Anyhow, I'm going to type it all out here just for your viewing pleasure.
"New scientific research has proven that low-carb diets make a person crabby, what the
world needs is a carb-on-carb side dish. Think buttery mashed potatoes topped with crispy
crinkle cut fries.

....... (I didn't bother typing the part here because it wasn't very read-worthy)

Okay, so this is not the way to get svelte. But who likes thin, cranky people anyway?"

- Cheap and good: Spoonfuls of goodness; Lifestyle, taste page 25
Tan Hsueh Yun
You see, this particular article caught my eye mainly because it made me rethink my diet. I'm currently on a mission to lose weight before my prom in Dec. It's kind of tough but necessary if I want to look nice in whichever dress I want to wear then. The baking-hiatus now kind of helps keep my diet in check as I won't gorge on whatever. Although recently, I kind of like the feeling of giving what I bake away. Take for example my jelly hearts cheesecake. I gave like 7/8 of the whole cake to my friends at school and only took 1 small bite from the entire thing! No regrets though. I like it when people enjoy what I bake. It's that little satisfaction that makes my day (:

Oh no it's time to go back to my books. Just have to endure for another week or so!
Wish me luck! :D

Bite me!
Cheryl :]

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