Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Lunar New Year!

Red is once again the main colour of this festive period!
Whether you are celebrating the Chinese (Lunar) New Year or Valentines Day, the colour red will be ubiquitous. Think hong baos (red packets), festive goodies in red-lidded plastic containers, cheong sam/qi pao (traditional chinese clothings), oranges, lion dances etc for the LNY and kisses, red roses, romantic walks, hugs, love, heart-shaped candies/cookies/muffins/cupcakes/cakes... It really is a time to just let go and eat.

Yes that's what I'm talking about. Eat. Eat and be merry! Notice how every festive season involves loads of food? Bring on the fats I say! Hahah

During the Lunar New Year, there will be an orange-buying-frenzy in supermarkets everywhere. Why? Because it symbolises luck/gold/fortune and the younger generation has to present it to the older generation. In return, we get hong baos (: So I hope I get to bake something with oranges/orange zest after the LNY celebrations! Or I'll just have to clear them with my family by eating them as a fruit (after refrigeration of course!). It's nice to spend time with family, relatives and friends during the festive period.

Oh right! Even though yesterday was Valentines Day, it wasn't very significant to me because 1. I was busy visiting relatives for the LNY and 2. I don't have that special someone to share it with (boohoo hahah!). It doesn't matter that I'm single and all since I have such wonderful friends and family to share the day with. So yippee for all you singles out there who spent Valentines with friends and family! Because you are not alone (:

PS: Sorry there will be no recipes uploaded since I didn't get the chance to bake any LNY cookies like last year and I don't have anyone to bake for during Valentines so check out other foodie blogs on my list on the left side of this blog for interesting recipes and bakes :D Check back soon for more updates!!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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