Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy (belated) Mother's Day!

I thank God for my awesome mother.

She's like the silent, strong pillar of our house. The one who holds everything up. The one who keeps everything inside. The one who listens. The one who knows. The one who understands. The one who loves. The one who forgives. The one who makes the most sacrifices. The one who gets stressed most easily. The one who loves my molten chocolate cake. The one who relates. The one who cries silently by herself. The one who puts up a strong front.

The one whom I love dearly.

So this Mother's Day (although very belated), I want to dedicate this blog post to her! I don't know whether she knows about the existence of my food blog, but so be it. I just want to let the whole world know that I love her very very very much! (I love my dad and sis very much too don't get me wrong hahah)

Every year during Mother's Day and Father's Day, my sis and I get really big headaches. We have to decide where to bring the leading character to! Father's Day is not so bad as mom usually comes up with nice suggestions, like Lawry's last year. This year, since I got my job, I wanted to bring mummy to somewhere posher. Somewhere we've never been before (okay she's been to this restaurant before but the rest of us haven't! It's kind of hard to find some place she hasn't been before though). It would be a whole new experience instead of just falling back to the familiar places. Mummy and sis were very keen on Italian cuisine so sis and I tried finding nice Italian restaurants. Wanted to try the Italian buffet at Basilico @ the Regent hotel but they didn't pick up our call. So did Pietrasanta @ Portsdown Rd. Maybe they were fully booked that's why they didn't want to pick up any calls for reservations? I don't know. But if you ask me, that's plain rude. Like hello? At least tell me you're full so I won't keep trying right?

Anyway, I chanced upon this web and found a list of good Italian restaurants in Singapore. Scanning through the list, the first one that caught my attention was Michelangelo's. It sounded really authentic. Okay I'm not the best person to judge the authenticity of Italian food but I liked the sound of the restaurant name. Read some reviews on hungrygowhere and decided to try this one. Kept my fingers crossed the entire time I was on the phone. The first time I called, they didn't pick up as well. Pissed, but kept trying since we didn't want to spend Mother's Day at home without preparing anything! The second time I called, they picked up. Thank God! Made the reservations then were told they only had seats in the alfresco dining area. Didn't have much of a choice so we just took it.

Enquired a bit and was told moms received a complimentary rose, drink and a mystery gift at the end of the dinner. Nice. My interest in the place heightened a bit. Mummy said she didn't have a good experience there before when she went for their 1-for-1 lunch promo end of last year but was game to try it again. What can I say? She's not the kind who's once bitten twice shy. Moreover, she's been there twice prior to this!

Michelangelo's is situated at Chip Bee Gardens and is among the posher restaurants at Holland V. Was actually expecting quite a lot from this place hahah. Reached there and the restaurant wasn't full. We were on time for the reservation. Weird. There were paintings of Italians decorated on the wall inside which I thought were pretty cool. The alfresco area was very pretty. Candlelight dotted every table and the sofas were very woody and zen. Loved the whole feel of the place. Browsed through the menu and wasn't really sure what to order. One of the waiters brought us the set menu after like 10min? Normally all the menus would be given together right? Another weird point. Mummy, sis and I were keen on the set menu mainly because of the dessert even though the price was kind of steep (think $75++). But it was for a 5 course meal so I guess it wasn't that bad? Anyway, it was a special occasion so I guess it's alright to splurge once in a while. Daddy wasn't keen at all. Maybe he knew that we couldn't finish so he would have extra food hehe. Didn't manage to take photos of all the courses because I was too busy eating. And it was kind of awkward to be snapping away. Think the waiters and other customers were giving me weird looks but whatever! Couldn't really remember the menu and the exact names so I'll try to describe it the best I can (: Damn, should have brought home a copy of the menu, or snapped a picture of it at the very least.

Bread: sourdough? Served with 3 dippings - olive oil, balsamic vinegar and garlic jam.

First course: crabcakes w some greens and dressing

Second course: mushroom cappuccino soup (the one with the pouffy foam on top, served in a coffee cup)

Third course: dumplings of some sort w salmon. The dumplings resembled ravioli but weren't. Inside was supposedly risotto with spinach? Wasn't too sure. It was kind of mashed together and looked green lol.

Fourth course: the main dish - steak with asparagus and carrots on a bed of potatoes au gratin. Mom and I wanted medium well and sis wanted well done (she can't stand any redness on meat)

Fifth course: the dessert! Warm chocolate cake w vanilla ice cream + strawberry + raspberry + another fruit + a raspberry reduction.

I used to think Italian food was mainly pizza and pasta but this experience has changed my mindset. Like boy was I wrong! Like I mentioned before, I'm a sucker for a good loaf of bread. At Michelangelo's, they served warm bread which tasted like sourdough. It was soft on the inside and yet had a soft crust on the outside. One word: Awesome. Loved all the courses but I personally wasn't too keen on the third one (the dumplings). Liked the salmon though. We thought the warm chocolate cake would be the molten kind but were sadly wrong. And to think we were looking forward to dessert! Sigh. But the cake was nice though! Not too sweet and the vanilla ice cream was just to die for. There were specks of vanilla bean throughout the ice cream! Proving that it was of top grade and quality. It was my first time enjoying good vanilla ice cream and I will never look back. Ever.

Service at Michelangelo's was great that night. When I couldn't finish my dumplings, the waiter asked whether I didn't like it. Mummy said this was an indication of pride in their food. We reassured them the food was great just that the dumplings were too much. That same waiter also had a few laughs with daddy about the wine. Daddy's a fast drinker so they joked that there was a hole in the cup. It made the dining experience interesting and fun. Thumbs up!

On a side note though, throughout our meal, the dining area inside the restaurant wasn't full at all! How come we were told only the alfresco area was available? Mummy said maybe they wanted to give the impression that they were overflowing with customers. Sounded logical lol.

But on the whole, I enjoyed my experience at Michelangelo's and wouldn't mind going back there again! But we set our sights on the restaurant a few doors down - Da Paolo for Father's Day. Ha ha. But that's IF we spend it in Singapore.

Happy Mother's Day to all you delicious mummies out there!
Always know that you're appreciated dearly by your children :D

I love you mom!

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